Top 5 Best Gravity Pet Feeder

Gravity Pet FeederThe gravity pet feeders are the best choice for feeding your pet once you are far from them. Most of them are designed to ensure enough fresh food and water for your pet. Also, you are provided the options to schedule mealtimes of the day for your pet.

Despite all the feeders’ standard features, they come with a variety of different functions. So, to choose the right feeders for your pet is not easy.

Then, today I will show you the top five best gravity pet feeders.

Now, let’s get started!

Essential features of the gravity pet feeders

To choose the best gravity pet feeders, you need to find out a few significant features. So, now I will recommend you some.

1. The material of the gravity pet feeder

According to Pet Feeder Basic the material of the feeder is the most crucial feature that will decide the quality of your pet’s food. So, you should choose some sturdy material such as steel or iron. These materials will help to ensure your pet’s food is fresh. Moreover, they will also prevent your pet from breaking down the device as well as stealing the food inside.

2. Feeding times

Feeding times are also an important feature that you should not miss. Obviously, each of the gravity pet feeders has a limit of feeding times per day. You need to define how much your food is enough for your pet to choose the best.

3. The capacity

As far as my experience goes, the best gravity pet feeder will have to provide enough food for your dog. So, it is very significant for you to choose a device with a suitable capacity. Well, some of the capacity of gravity pet feeders you can choose are 2lbs, 4lbs, 6lbs or 13bls.

However, to be able to select the right bowl, you need to know how much your dog weighs as well as its regular meal.

The top five best gravity pet feeder

Now, let’s me show you the top five best gravity pet feeders that can give your pet comfortable mealtime.

1. Bergan Gourmet Gravity Dog Feeder

A top-rated Best gravity pet feeder I will recommend fist in my list is Bergan Gourmet. It has been produced in the United States and loved by many animal lovers all over the world.

With this gravity pet feeder, your pet can get enough food and water, even when you are not at home. Well, this device comes with a capacity of 6lbs or 13lbs for food as well as 1.5 Gal or 3 Gal for water. This makes the device suitable for your pet with both the big and small size. Also, you can place this gravity dispenser outside with only dry food. And food and water are also released slowly.

Regarding its convenience, this device has a wide opening on the top so that you can refill the food for your dog quickly. Moreover, this wide opening also enables you to clean the product in no time. To prevent splashing or to spill when your pet’s eating, this product features a unique lid. This lid is always closed off tightly.

A significant benefit of this device is that it is made of BPA-free plastic that can ensure your pet’s health. As well, it is very sturdy so that your dog can not knock down and steal the food.

Finally, if you have two or even three pets, you also this Bergan Gourmet.

2. AmazonBasics Self-Dispensing Gravity Pet Feeder

A gravity feeder from the brand AmazonBasics you should not miss is AmazonBasics Self-Dispensing Gravity Pet Feeder. Well, this product provides you a variety of unique features for your pet.

First, the capacity of the AmazonBasics is 6 pounds for the food, so that it is suitable for your pet with a small size. Also, the auto gravity will help with the constant food supply so that your pet’s bowl always has the food. And, the device is used for both wet pet food and dry pet food.

The next feature that makes me love to use the device is its safety. Well, the material of the feeder is friendly plastic. This is not harming your pet and environment. Moreover, you can also lift the feeder easily with the handles on the base. Additionally, with the non-skid rubber feed on the bottom, the product will place without moving on the floor.

Notably, the pet feeder features the self-dispensing gravity. This allows using for cats and dogs, even more than one at the same time. In addition, a full opening of the container can wash by hand.

There are two types of pet feeders includes 12.5 by seven by 12 inches (LxWxH) and 12.4 by seven by 12 inches. It is easy to use without the need for any additional tools. Because of the sure connection between the bottle and the base, it has no leaks.

3. Petmate Pet Café Feeder

This Petmate Pet Café feeder will be the right device that provides a food supply with automatic refills.

With the feature of the gravity-feed technology, the Petmate allows dispensing the dry food when the bowl is empty, as well as to prolong the between refills. This is convenient for you if you are too busy most of the time. Well, it will ensure that your pet gets access to food whenever the bowls are empty.

By using this feeder, you can clean it quickly because of the feature of a wide-mouth bottle. This is also convenient to hand-wash. Meanwhile, to fill the food, you only need to remove the easy-snap lid from the storage feeder. Moreover, the feeder comes with an easy-grip sturdy cutout that helps you to lift the device easily without spilling the food anywhere.

This pet dispenser has a 6-pound capacity that is suitable for pets of all sizes as well as for multi-pet households. Well, you can choose one of three types of products, including from 3 to 12 gallons.

4. PetSafe Healthy Pet Gravity Dog and Cat Food Station

This pet gravity pet feeder is one of the best devices by the brand PetSafe. For what its brand has created, the product provides the most convenience for the dog lovers.

The first feature I want to recommend is its size. To be more specific, the device has two sizes of 2 bls and 4 bls. Therefore, if you have a growing-up pet or multi-pets, the automatic cat feeder will still be great. For more information on pet feeder, including automatic cat feeder, visit Crittersitca website.

Moreover, it is both auto gravity pet feeder and waterer so that you can have more options to choose for your pet. The bowl of the product is also made of stainless steel, which means it has high durability as well as is safe for your pet. Also, it is very easy to clean by the dishwasher. Well, you can clean it by hand without worrying about the injury.

5. Aspen Pet Auto Gravity Feeder

The last pet gravity feeder I want to review is Aspen Pet Auto Gravity Feeder. Well, this device has been popular all over the world by some following outstanding features.

The high-quality material is the most excellent feature that makes the device to be loved by many owners’ pets. Well, it is the food-grade plastic that has no strange smell and harm so that it is entirely safe for your pet. Also, the Aspen comes with a thick texture with excellent durability and the ability to recycle.

Mainly, you can choose the one from a variety of different sizes and colors of the device that fits with your pet. Once you assemble the outdoor feeder, you can easily open the lid of the food storage containers to refill the food. The bottle features PET plastic that is good for your pets’ health as well as the environment. Also, the storage container is transparent so that you can quickly know how much the food there is as well as when you need to get a new bag.

One of the best benefits of this feeder is that it is easy to clean because you can separate the barrel and chassis, and rinse the device directly with water. Well, you are advised to wash the Aspen once a week. It is best when you only hand wash. Finally, you can use this automatic pet feeder for dogs or cats due to its size difference.


I have used many different gravity pet feeders. However, the top five above devices always make me satisfied. However, you can also choose others that you feel to be the most suitable for your pet.

Personally, I believe that the best feeders have to have safe material for your pet. So, you should consider its material.

At last, I hope that you can look for the best device through my article. Good luck!

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