Pets N Patients

Dear PetPals,

We are still in search of permanent facility for our interim petcare center.

Our primary focus is on recruiting more petcare providers to give in thier home petcare to assist patient's pets while they recover. Dog's usually come home to the volunteer petcare home, cats generally do better in their own home with house checks.

Short term foster care can be expected to be anywhere from 30-120 days maximum.

PetsNPatients is a 501c3 and we are looking for a new volunteer coordinator and grant writers for securing annual funding resources. Our phone line remains:

Applications for both petcare help and volunteer work is on our website to print.

Our new mailing address is:

P.O.BOX 186

PetsNPatients is all volunteer and without a "brick and mortar" intake or location-based residence at this time.

Sometimes we can help negotiate a reduced board, depending on your circumstances.

Please read our guidelines.

Application is first required and immediate placement is not guaranteed, please fax completed copy to:


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